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Terms and Conditions
 Sin up policy 
1.  3 days free trial classes will be given to each student .
2.after completing trial classes ,there is no oblegation for students whether to continue or not.
Company store  your personal  information  you provided while sining up ,compny will not disclose your informationto third party but can use official use.
We not  charge  in advance.
    Refund policy  .
Payment will only be refunded  for the first month only if demanded.
Payment policy
When complet your month then you should be send payment us of the privious month. you can pay direct our bank  account  ,Western union ,Money gram ,etc. in future may be availabe (online) account attached withe the The Quran Classes Online .
Genral policy 
Makeup classes will only be given if the managment is informed by the student befor the class .
If a student want to change  the class time then student has to contact management.
Gift sent by student to the teacher  in form of money will be given to teacher.
Compny will provide an alternate teacher if the teacher is absent or on leave just not to  miss the class of student .,
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Skype 3 Day Trial

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Skype with Skype ID

Student should have Skype with Skype ID.
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